Wake up!

There is a pattern in which we have taken things apart, piecemeal, to improve how we get from point A to point B. Most often, we have paid no attention to the overall picture. The real issue here is that this leads us to logical decisions which have no meaning in the larger picture. There is a fine example, if we consider the automobile industry. We created an automobile as a better way of getting from point A to point B. Previously we did this using animal power. This was easily sustainable in the great scheme of things. On the other hand the automobile was not. A non-sustainable event must end. An important point has to be made here, because we are not living things on an inanimate surface, but rather the whole planet is living with inanimate material making up the framework or skeleton.

The planet is a living respiratory entity. The plants act as the in-breath, taking CO₂ and then converting this to oxygen. This is then provided, so that the out-breath which is the burning of O₂ to form CO₂ may then take place. It is the living animal which breathes in oxygen to breathe out CO₂, but any process which converts O₂ to CO₂, as for example a forest fire, or for that matter even an automobile may fulfill this function. Thus every living out-breath must be matched by a balancing in-breath or else breathing ceases entirely and life ends. It must be understood that life consists of animal life plus plant life, taken together. It is not possible to have one without the other as they sustain each other. They are embedded within each other. Once you are able to see this you then realize that sustainability can only be accomplished if this is honored.

So important is the idea, that there must be substantial forests to balance the use of O₂ that is converted to CO₂. This has partially dealt with the idea of the carbon footprint. However, we cannot solely rely on some other country than ourselves to produce the O₂ we need by leaving their forests in place. Each and every country together needs to make sure that they are not reducing their forests. They need to be sure that they are creating a sustainable ratio between their forests plus their agriculture balanced against their animals, humans and human machinery consuming oxygen to create carbon dioxide.

This is really simple as we have to create the modern equivalent of what aboriginal cultures have usually done to remain sustainable and in balance.

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