It is interesting to see the conversation on weight going on among us in the country. Suddenly we have realized that weight is a problem. It is a problem because it is killing us in unprecedented ways, in manners that we have never seen before. It has been politically incorrect to bring one’s attention to another person’s weight. It has become acceptable to see any comment, at all, on weight as being derogatory. This puts us in a state of confusion, for now we are approaching to the point where any negative observation is raised to the level of a derogatory comment when it is addressed at all. The statement itself in these cases may well be neutral, but what will make them derogatory is the emotional content carried with the statement.

In other words, if we say to our child Mr. Jones is fat, overweight or obese it does not become derogatory unless we pass along a negative feeling of judgment, implying that the individual Mr. Jones is to be looked down upon or held in disdain because of his obesity. If in fact we say that Mr. Jones is obese and in need of our help to get upstairs a completely different emotion is tapped.

The time has come for us to face up to the obesity which befalls us at this time. First and foremost obesity is the result of choice. Obesity can be corrected through choice. I realize that this flies in the face of conventional medical wisdom. We see obesity in terms of dysfunctional bodies and through all kinds of other glasses. Obesity results from what we put into our mouths. We choose what we put into our mouths and thus what we become because of those choices. It also results from our activity or lack and how we make those choices. It is related to how we perceive ourselves in relation to others as we produce stress. This is yet another aspect of choice. Who we are in our choices helps to create the choices most easily open to the next generation.

We own these choices and when we consciously do then we can change outcomes. In order to own our choices we have to be able to see the truth. Here we use truth to mean what actually is. Oftentimes we see a distortion of what actually is, rather than what truly is. It is a bit tricky here, because what we see is our perception and not the same that others will see. Frequently, then we do not share the same perception, but nevertheless there is some reality that is shared. When it is markedly distorted, there is no actual validity to what we perceive. This is a description of the politically correct vision of weight. This means that many overweight persons will see themselves as being normal weight. This illusion is created by two things. One is seeing that everyone around is not much different, being overweight and considering this normal. The second is that when everyone refers euphemistically to the overweight person in less honest terms they come to perceive themselves as not being overweight.

The reality, though, is that weight does affect health, wellbeing and one’s life generally and so whether or not one thinks of themself as overweight, it does have a consequence, much as the consequence of gravity if one falls off a roof. The importance here is to generate and to have discernment. We have to learn to practice discernment, which is to see things as they really are.

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2 Responses

  1. 1 amber wisniewski
    2012 May 21

    i recently implemented a weight loss slash detox program into the bio energetic aspect of weight loss and weight issues and found it interesting that not only obese or over weight people have these issues about these truths you are talking about and about eating. i have been working with several people, of normal weigt, who come in for some other perceived issue and find at the root, food issues. Whether a lack of nutrition that is manifesting as a physical disfunction or using food as a mental, emotional drug, they are the same frequency as in an overweight person. my research in this continues as these are issues i have personally been dealing with for a lifetime. the only way that i was able to change this dynamic for myself was seeing the truth of the choices i had been making and my own ability to make different choices. thank you for your insight and sharing…

  2. 2 Darvin Jackson
    2012 Nov 23

    “We choose what we put into our mouths and thus what we become because of those choices.”

    ” We have to learn to practice discernment, which is to see things as they really are.”

    This is the most honest article I’ve come across on this topic, its the truth a lot of people don’t want to face.

    Best wishes to you and your family Dr. Vassall.

    -Darvin Jackson

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