Many times as you act you will feel as though the action taking place is in separation, but this cannot really occur as you remain entangled at the level of the atomic structure within your body, as well as at the level of your greater consciousness. This is only possible because of the paradox of wave-particle duality. It is possible for you to assume the singularity aspect of your dual nature.


Your normal waking consciousness is entangled with the consciousness of the subatomic particles as well as your cellular consciousness, your organ consciousness and the higher collective consciousness of your human body. As it is clear that your consciousness is entangled with successively larger consciousness while remaining self-aware, it is evident that planetary consciousness must include all living organisms, including the subsets of their cells and the entire atomic structure of the planet inside and outside of biology.


It is not hard to imagine there must be a relationship between Gaia, the larger planetary consciousness and the individual human consciousness as well as the collective human consciousness. There is certainly scientific data to support this as planet-wide measurement of the magnetic field of the planet showed a change in its intensity immediately following the 9-11 disaster in New York City. In the moments after the event it seems that there was a heartfelt response as millions of people on the planet became aware. This is certainly in line with the data that shows that there is a larger magnetic field about the human heart than there is about the human brain. This then is a measurement of some of the Gaia-Human Consciousness interaction that takes place. So, all of our physical activity, as well as mental and emotional activity, affects the planet. We can acknowledge that our magnetic field changes the magnetic field of the planet. It would be reasonable to assume that compassion would have a much more positive effect on the planet than that the emotion of hate or war.


If we acknowledge that our consciousness is not in separation, we must acknowledge that it has an effect on adjoining consciousness. This is why mob behavior tends to be silent as individuals tune in to each other’s intent and proceed with a collective intent. In fact most members of the mob will not be able to recall a definitive decision to join the mob.


Our consciousness does affect the planet and one cannot but speculate as to its physical readjustments on the planetary surface, and wonder if these re-adjustments have anything to do with the emotional adjustments planet wide.


It would take collective group behavior organized on a large scale and serial measurements to document this. If we affect Gaia then it is important that we project our positive desires for positive outcomes as frequently as we can. As in the case of a mob it only takes a small proportion of the consciousness to create that change.


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  1. 1 Darvin Jackson
    2013 Jul 04

    ” If we affect Gaia then it is important that we project our positive desires for positive outcomes as frequently as we can. As in the case of a mob it only takes a small proportion of the consciousness to create that change”

    This really resonates with me Dr. Vassall, for two reasons. First, the greatest example of positive energy I’ve ever encountered has been you, hands down. My first impression was “Wow, what a neat guy.” I chalked it up to a great smile, sense of humor, and natural charisma. You had these in such great abundance though, I noticed how smiles always appeared to follow you around and honestly I felt a bit jealous. More than that though, I was curious. I remember that awkwardness I’m so accustomed to experiencing when I first meet someone of another race, I almost always feel like they are suspicious of me when I try to connect and be friendly in an honest and natural way. I sense I better watch my words, to not say the wrong thing, and this caution must be taken with being “too nice” as well lest I be perceived as condescending. In short, I normally feel obligated to prove something, or to disprove the assumptions they have made about me. The irony is not lost on me by any means, and my guard goes up. With you though, I felt shame at first for expecting a barrier that wasn’t there, but then quickly felt like I had to jettison that too or I would be guilty of spoiling things a bit. When we had an opportunity for some one on one conversation, I began talking about the only things on my mind, philosophy, religion, psychology and so forth. Usually these topics lead to disappointment, I was accustomed to finding people lacking much knowledge on any of those topics due to a complete lack of interest or caring, or with simplistic sounding beliefs and answers to the “big” questions of life. The more often this happened the more isolated and alone I felt, and this would fill me with disappointment. I broached the subject with you though, and you weren’t seeming hesitant to explore any topics at all, which I very much appreciated on that basis alone. I was starving for that, desperately seeking someone who had something new for me to explore, secretly holding out hope that I might meet someone someday who not only wasn’t, from my perspective, too cowardly and weak to think about deeper subjects. But maybe, just maybe someone else out there will have spent even more time. I wanted to meet someone further down that path, someone who could answer my inquiries in a more intelliget and mature manner, and would not take offense when I asked critical-sounding questions because they understood that I was asking in hopes of gaining wisdom and understanding. I was starving when I met you, dying on the inside. The conversations we had shortly before you retired were so rewarding and so validating. Instead of being treated like a fool or an idiot asking a bunch of stupid questions just to annoy others, I found a like mind that wasn’t afraid to share even less-traveled areas even further outside of the normal boundaries than myself. Fantastic.

    The second thing is this, to discover someone who is so true to what he teaches, who lives it, who is the example and not the hypocrite is incredibly inspirational. Knowing you truly believe this, you are practicing it, and the fact that I feel invited to join and free to walk away convinces me fully that the hard work required to change myself would lead to a very rewarding outcome. I know what you say is true because I am the proof of it, you are the anomaly that comes to mind again and again when I start resonating negatively and keeps me from sinking down further than I otherwise would. But now you have become more, now you are the leader by example I will freely and humbly follow, because the goal you have set for us is what I’ve always, my whole life, really wanted to pursue. Nobody ever dares to say such things, to dream such big dreams, to express openly such noble ambitions.
    I feel like I go overboard sometimes Dr. Vassall, that you might suspect me of flattery or blowing smoke. I have no motive to do such things, and I do not freely give praise because I don’t feel comfortable knowingly lying to people.
    You are a great man Dr. Vassall, a great gift to humanity, and I am convinced that we are going to succeed. I have always felt a genuine desire for positive outcomes for every single one of my fellow human beings, this resonates very deeply and very strongly with my inner-most core. I’m going to focus my attention on projection now, I feel confident beyond reason that this is going to come easily for me.
    When I meet an expert, a master, I learn much more easily. I invite you to test this and teach me more freely and directly, its not a challenge, its a request. Thank you.
    And gooooooooood morning, what a beautiful morning it is!


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