Who are you? ..DNA Quantum Attributes

Because it would appear that we interact with the subatomic world of probability to create our own reality, such interaction would require an agent capable of such work. Avoiding the world of assumption, it would appear that there is evidence to suggest that we have DNA capable of creating unique physical experience. The evidence is found in our bodies and in the body’s manifestations. We have made assumptions, in the past, about how this is done exactly, based upon our theories of evolution. In fact, recent work on the Human Genome Project has shown many of these assumptions to be false. One of our most basic assumptions was a one to one correspondence between gene and protein. This has proved not to be as we thought.


So we know that DNA is responsible for the expression of our individual experience, we just do not know precisely how. Since we know that we interact with the subatomic world through observation/measurement, it would appear that there is entanglement. If our DNA is involved in the creation of our physical experience then it is clear that quantum entanglement must also be involved since we know that entanglement exists on all levels.


So we must conclude that our DNA is involved in entanglement and that we just do not know how. We know that our DNA creates physical results within our bodies.  We know that the DNA outside the body is affected when the DNA of the body is affected. Experiments have shown this. This can only occur if the DNA is entangled and entanglement contributes to how it works. This is so, even if we do not know the mechanism. It is also this way, even if our present theories are inadequate in explanation. We have to remember that theories are theories, even if they seem to be true, and are not fact or truth. It is impossible to make a theory a fact, though it is easy enough to assume a fact from a theory.


If our DNA has quantum attributes, then it is not limited in time or space. So the DNA we share with our ancestors or descendants is able to affect them, as it acts outside time or space, as this is what quantum behavior means. This is so, even if we have no theories to support how this is possible. Inability to explain does not reduce the factual nature of this. It is simply so as observed, and our task is to find a way to explain this with the creation of new theories and along with them ways of testing. This is concluded entirely without making assumptions, but through simple logical application of already revealed knowledge.


If our DNA has this quantum attribute and is entangled, it has to be entangled with all the subatomic particles that make up our universe. This means individually we are affected by whatever is happening in the universe from the formation of a supernova to the birth of a new galaxy. It also means that we also affect the supernova and the birth of a galaxy though the magnitude of our effect may be different. In fact, in one way, if we postulate the many universe explanation of quantum mechanics, then our thoughts and feelings which interact, in a quantum manner from our consciousness, in turn affecting our DNA may produce an expression of a manifested universe different from that of our next door neighbor. This would be so despite the fact we may agree on all that we give the same labels, though our experience and perception of it, and therefore our reality may be different. The most emancipating benefit of this is that you have an ability to change your reality, even as you change your perception.


This enables your DNA quantum machine to deliver a different reality to you as you change your perception. In limited ways we do this with awareness when we envision a goal, move in that direction and find that our goal is usually met.


To do so efficiently we simply need to have a more complete connection with our quantum DNA attribute.

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