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When, in your imagination you think of yourself having a thought, you can sometimes become aware of observing yourself in this activity. This would suggest that your awareness has different levels. In fact, if you follow through on this exercise you can even observe yourself, observing yourself having a thought. Which one are you? Are you each level of observation? Or are you the highest level of observation?

As you observe, is this a quantum event? Quantum theory would dictate that as you make smaller and smaller measurements you get to a point where your act of measurement begins to change what you are measuring. Your observation in the act of measurement has now demonstrated entanglement. So at the larger level it appears that what we do is independent, but as we get into the area where objects of observation are becoming smaller and smaller it seems there ceases to be demonstrable separation. At the moment when the measurement or observation begins to change the observed, we have to ask the following question. What is entangled, that changes even as the measurement/observation changes?

Since the act of observation is an act of consciousness, where active awareness is taking place, then it would have to be consciousness itself. So consciousness would then have to be entangled with all the subatomic particles, and therefore, since the larger objects are assemblies of subatomic particles, consciousness is entangled with the large objects as well.

Since your awareness has demonstrable levels of self-awareness within it, it would follow that your consciousness has levels of consciousness. It would appear that these levels may be associated with different levels of brain activity. These are sometimes referred to as the “α, β, δ and θ” (alpha, beta, delta and theta) states depending on the cycles or frequency of the brain waves.

The “α” (alpha) state is associated with the consciousness closest to what we perceive as normal consciousness. We may drift in and out of this state for example driving down the road somewhere else in our thoughts, totally unaware of what is happening along the road, though we are aware at reactive awareness. We would react, if the car in front of us were to brake suddenly, although we might have no recollection of what happened on the journey home. We would move through this state to get to the altered awareness that takes place with shamanic drumming that initiates a shamanic experience.

In our most complete essence, we are the awareness associated with the varied levels of consciousness, including the awareness that dreams while our body is asleep. In completeness we are the awareness having experience in physicality through the human body and its interaction on a quantum level with everything else. These levels of consciousness have an interactive flow with physicality at different levels. Consequently, at one level we interact within our bodies, while at another level we interact out of our bodies. The speed of interaction varies and appears to be slowest at the level of our normal consciousness. Those of us who are able to vary this speed of interaction tend to have increased ability with physical activity such as sport.

It is the interaction with the multiplicity of quantum events that creates the reality that we perceive. In fact, because each of our consciousness is unique though the same, it would be quite likely that even though we collectively create the same common consciousness based reality, each of our perceptions of it are different, making it a unique different reality. It is likely that what makes it common to us is our agreement upon labels.

In essence then we are consciousness creating our own reality.

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    2013 May 03

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