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I see a patient in the office for follow up. She has been seen at the last visit by a partner and has been treated for a mixture of stress incontinence with urge incontinence. Stress incontinence is leakage with coughing and urge incontinence is leakage occurring when the patient is unable to hold with an […]

I saw a patient recently. Her complaint was pelvic pain which was in the left side. This began immediately following the delivery of her last child, three years ago. She was delivered by Cesarean section and developed a wound infection following this. Her pain had got progressively worse. She had been told at the time […]

This patient is in her twenties and comes in for a routine visit. Review of her chart shows that she is on Methadone for treatment of addiction. It is also noted that she smokes cigarettes.
During the course of the examination she is asked “Why does she smoke?”
Her reply is that it is because of stress. […]

The patient is 19 years old and comes in for the first time into the office. She has actually seen someone else before. She has been recently started on OCP’s (oral contraceptives). She was first on a tricyclic for three months. She was then switched to a progestin only (norethindrone) daily because of a previous […]

Here is another patient who was seen for symptoms of pelvic pain, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) compatible with salpingitis and endometritis (a pelvic infection) and who was treated with antibiotics and returned for reassessment. She had been informed that the antibiotic therapy could have the side effect of diarrhea. She now reports, however, that the […]

I saw a patient recently in the office who had a complaint of heavy bleeding. She is a lady who has been treated with a procedure to burn away the lining of the womb. This has not been successful and she continues to have heavy bleeding. She comes in now as she decides to have […]

This is a patient seen with Pelvic pain and findings of bilateral adnexal tenderness (of the fallopian tubes and ovaries), compatible with a pelvic infection. She is treated with antibiotics with instruction to return in two weeks. She returns feeling better but not healed. We discuss the previous conversation that we had about her pelvic […]

This is a lady, whom I have been seeing in the clinic for a complaint of pelvic pain. Her findings are consistent with a chronic pelvic infection, in the sense that, on examination when her pelvic female reproductive organs are moved there is accompanying pain and tenderness. Her pain has been going on for some […]

Here is a patient whose complaint is that of chronic pain in the low back, and chronic pelvic pain, some of which is associated with bladder emptying at night.
She has been treated with medication for the purpose of stopping pain with voiding, by affecting the muscle at the neck of the bladder. This proves unsuccessful. Additionally […]

(Infertility, obesity, irregular bleeding and anovulation)
Here is a Native American female who has been trying to become pregnant for the last five years or so. She has been having irregular cycles. She has had some hormonal attempts at regulation of her menstrual cycles. She is also obese and has been treated with agents to promote […]

This is a patient who comes in for a recheck after surgery. She does not want to be examined.
When she is asked her age, she states: “I am forty. Old!!!”
I reply: “Forty is young!”
The woman then states: “When I was a child I always thought that I would commit suicide so that I would […]

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet this charming Native American woman who was diabetic and who came in for another problem but with a propensity to be affected by her diabetes. So, although the diabetes was not the primary reason for the visit, we nevertheless visited it.
I pointed out to the patient that seen […]

In previous discussions, we introduced the idea that all consciousness is connected and fundamentally maintained through a Quantum Mechanical entity conceptually known as the field. We further explored that phenomena such as “hearing voices” may be an activity mandated through this field.
Central to this idea of connectedness is that seemingly separate consciousness in each human […]

There is a young man who loves to play soccer and has played from his youth. I actually was his coach. In high school, he had knee surgery, resulting in his having to exercise care whenever he plays this sport he loves so much. He calls and tells me his knee is bothering him, and […]

There is a person who at birth was given up for adoption. She is raised by persons who are not her biological parents. These persons may be family or they may not be family. She sees all other children around her who have biological parents.