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Many times as you act you will feel as though the action taking place is in separation, but this cannot really occur as you remain entangled at the level of the atomic structure within your body, as well as at the level of your greater consciousness. This is only possible because of the paradox of […]

Because it would appear that we interact with the subatomic world of probability to create our own reality, such interaction would require an agent capable of such work. Avoiding the world of assumption, it would appear that there is evidence to suggest that we have DNA capable of creating unique physical experience. The evidence is […]

When, in your imagination you think of yourself having a thought, you can sometimes become aware of observing yourself in this activity. This would suggest that your awareness has different levels. In fact, if you follow through on this exercise you can even observe yourself, observing yourself having a thought. Which one are you? Are […]

Wake up!

There is a pattern in which we have taken things apart, piecemeal, to improve how we get from point A to point B. Most often, we have paid no attention to the overall picture. The real issue here is that this leads us to logical decisions which have no meaning in the larger picture. There […]


It is interesting to see the conversation on weight going on among us in the country. Suddenly we have realized that weight is a problem. It is a problem because it is killing us in unprecedented ways, in manners that we have never seen before. It has been politically incorrect to bring one’s attention to […]

Do you ever wonder when you see programs which point out the lack of certain resources and how this affects the loss of human life. Frequently, there is a statement regarding how many children or other persons are dying each minute. There is never a statement about how many persons are being born each minute. […]

We live in a culture of blame. All outcomes that we do not like, we can blame them on someone else. If we are able to blame someone else, we do not have to take the credit for the result. If it is not because of us then we have no responsibility. This also means […]

A significant number of persons in the USA have had near death experiences. The unusual thing is that despite this most in the medical community do not believe these are real unless they, themselves, have actually had the experience. They think this is an experience related to or determined by low oxygen environment in the […]

There is a place of potential which lies between the oscillatory states, as we have discussed before. This is the place from which all that is becomes. This is a place undefined. This lack of definition allows for the formation of the form as well as the formless. It is easy to mistake the formless […]

The engineering approach to a system is to look at it from top down. In this way one is able to determine the functionality as well as the characteristics of the system. This requires for less comprehensive understanding than a bottom up approach. In fact one may even regard the system as a black box […]

We have talked about the nature of being. I would like to explore this concept in a little more depth. What is it ‘to be’? In English, this word is used in the same context whether the state is permanent or temporary. In Spanish, there are two verbs that express ‘to be’. One is ‘ser’ […]

When Stephen Hawking came up with his equation regarding the entropy of a black hole, in essence it created a paradox, for the mathematics showed that the black hole would eventually consume everything in the universe and disappear. Now there was a certain amount of symmetry to this, as this was the obverse of the […]

It is possible, therefore, to only have an experience of a quality. To experience the quality, it must be setup in a state of is versus is not. In other words one side of the quality is and the other is not. The oscillation may then occur between the “is” aspects and the “is not […]

Most people have no difficulty with the idea that they are frequency. This is so for even those of us who are scientifically challenged. We are aware that at some level everything is energy. We are familiar with Einstein’s equation E=mc² which relates energy E to mass or matter m, while c is the speed […]

Indigenous cultures mastered the art of persisting and growing while remaining sustainable. In this way they have mimicked the growth of various organ systems within a healthy body. They have retained the initial relationship that is important in maintaining the health of the body.
Most modern cultures have changed that relationship into the nature of metastatic […]