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April Newsletter  “The Economic System” Healing Attribute Vol. 1  No. 1

The Economic System of the entire planet is connected, and there are no actual divisions. There is no capitalist system and no communist system. There is only one blended system…….[read more] Link to April newsletter

May Newsletter “The State of Health”  Healing Attribute Vol. 1  No. 2

I want to invite you to take a close look at this month’s newsletter topic. It concerns health, an item of concern to each and every one of us. I wanted to look at a different side of conversation about our escalating costs…..[read more] Link to May Newsletter

June Newsletter “Unsustainable Health Care” Healing Attribute Vol. 1 No. 3

I would like to introduce you to this month’s topic. It is Unsustainable Health Care. I want to walk you through …..[read more] Link to June Newsletter


July Newsletter “Health Care Reform” Healing Attribute Vol.1  No. 4

Today I will be endeavoring to communicate the reasons why the current attempts by the Congress and the Senate will fall short of their intention in dealing with the health care issues. Read more…link to July newsletter

August Newsletter “Choosing Health” Healing Attribute Vol. 1  No. 5

This month’s newsletter attempts to take a closer look at the issues regarding health in the U.S. and how this is tied to that country’s economic outcome and also to the rest of the world. Read more….link to the August newsletter


September Newsletter “Sharing the experience” Healing Attribute Vol. 1 No. 6

This month’s newsletter is a little different. Other months have focused on the social aspect of Quantum Mechanics, regarding how it affects the experience of the collective (society) based on the collectivization of individual behavior.  ….read on link to the September Newsletter


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