Healing by Choice

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Quantum Mechanics provides the tools to heal any situation through a change in perspective. With Quantum Mechanics the model used is that of the individual being inseparable from the environment.  By fully acknowledging an “individual-environment” system, we are able to clearly see that what takes place in one part of this system affects the other. Wherever an event takes place, it is reflected throughout the entire system and causes a resultant change from the point of origin. Change that results in a mal-adaptation is known as disease. The first step in healing is to shift perspective, and the entire process is known as perspective healing by choice or p-healing by choice.
Perspective healing by choice can best be understood as a six-step process for delivering any desired outcomes in health or any other areas affecting our lives, and Quantum Mechanical principles are at the core of this six-step creation process.

Healing is about the relationship between self and the whole aspect of the entire self. As an example, you should view this in the same way you do the relationship to your individual self and the Universal Wholeness. Just as the body is a system with parts in relationship with each other, our bodies and our selves make up Universal Wholeness. If we are separated from the Universal Whole, then we have a “fractured” relationship with ourselves as well as within ourselves. This fracture can manifest itself in many forms, including illness in the body or lack in some form. Recognizing the connectivity between self and the rest of the whole is instrumental in freeing  a person from the disease, as this really arises from outcomes chosen because of the perspective held.

The perspective of a Level Two connectivity is thus more compatible with healing than that of a Level Zero connectivity. Health at the body level is necessarily health at the level of the greater whole. Lack of health at any level is transmitted up the greater whole, or down to the smallest individual unit part of the whole. For that reason relationships are examined from the Quantum Mechanics level, both on the part of the individual body and the collective society. 

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This category examines material from the  perspective provided in more detail in the DVD offering. Introductory information in the DVD will be very helpful in changing your perspective on health. Please watch and take an opportunity to make the shift and step toward healing.

Upcoming material

  • Dr. Vassall is one of several authors invited to write a chapter in an Anthology titled “Audacious Aging”. More than 30 authors, including Ram Dass, Larry Dossey, and Deepak Chopra have been invited to participate. The anthology was published in spring 2009 and it is now available.
  • Dr. Vassall’s next two projects will be published in upcoming books in the near future. The first book is an instructional manual for laymen concerned with successful application of techniques of Quantum Mechanics and taking responsibility for their own health and healing. The second is a logical extension of the meaning of Quantum Mechanics when taken to its natural conclusion.


  • To provide you with more information on the entire subject of Quantum Mechanics and the role it plays in health, we will provide a list of places and dates where seminars will be held as they become available.
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